The Foundation was established in 2007 to help and support children and their families living with autism. Our professionals have been working for over 10 years with autistic children and with children with special needs.

We believe that – despite similar problems and challenges – each and every child is unique and requires “custom made” solutions and attention. To improve the quality of life for children with autism, we apply approaches that are based on individual needs and on internationally proven methodologies. In addition, we also have programs to help and support the family members.

The Foundation introduced an internationally approved developmental methodology in Hungary (Floortime). This methodology can be used from a very early age when the first signs of the social and communicational difficulties appear, even before the diagnosis.

Our Programs

Currently, we are running:

-       individual and group development sessions for over 30 children,

-       assessment, a diagnostic program for children referred to us without diagnosis,

-       a music therapy program for small sized groups,

-       consultations for parents and kindergarden teachers, parent support group

-       a volunteer training program with 15 volunteers to support affected families. This training program provide unique opportunities for undergraduate students to complement their studies with field-work at involved families.

The Foundation organized conferences for local teachers and professionals to have a better understanding of children and their special needs.

This year the first time in Hungary our Foundation organized a walk for families and professionals on the Autism Awareness Day. The aim of this walk was to inform people about autism, to help in reducing discrimination and stigmatization. The families had a chance on this day to share their experiences with others who are affected. More than 400 people participated on the event.

Currently, our Foundation participate in a project of the National Gallery’s that aims to promote a better understanding of the world of people with autism throughout their works of art. The Gallery opened an exhibition of pictures by young artists with autism in June 2011. These works are considered as pieces of contemporary art, containing unique features thanks to each and every artist’s personal experience and perception of inner and outer reality. The exhibition – accompanied by a set of events in different fields of public life, following the topic of autism – is open to the public until September 2011.

Planned extensions

On the longer run we aim to:

- provide therapy for more children and families

- Our plans also include the publication of various educational and informational materials for people affected by autism and for professionals working with autistic children.

Contributions and donations are both used for improving the quality and range of equipments that have been used for developmental sessions and to give financial allowances on session fees for families with hard social background.